Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Today, Nuhin has  completed his 1a Peter and Jane, so as promised, I've made him a cute little snake as a reward. Looks like he is really happy to have this new pet...:D

Nuhin's new Pet. He called  this " loli", dun u think i am cute??

I'm touched to see this..sweet rite?

This is really fun, this Cute Little Snake has been made by using the old nylon, buttons, and a sock.  I love coming up with crafts that we can use recycled material. This is what u need :-

  • a sock
  • 2 buttons - for eyes you can use googy eyes either.
  •  Batting - i used old nylon n cotton.
  • Ribbon 
  • 2 mini pompon - alah yg kecit bulat2 tu (utk mata)
  • Scissor
1. Fill the sock with batting/old nylon and sew it.

2. To make the eyes u can glue or sew the buttons on pompons like i did.

4. Do the same thing to the tongue.

That's all , with only 15 minutes,your kids can have their new pet. Happy trying!!

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