Monday, 27 June 2011


I love cooking, and so does crating !! To me crafting is fun, easy to get into and beneficial to everyone !!!!, It's joyous to make that first item, knowing it won't be your last... Addicted u.....
And now, I am deeply in love dengan Felt guys, sehari dua ni asyik duk bermain dengan felt fabrics aje...check it out...

P/s : tak ada la cantik's juz so - so aje, tapi  kata hubby, for the beginner, it's acceptable la...:P

My first felt project : Quite book, spent 7 hours to complete this book.

The pingu ( which not so ok  :/, sangat tidak puas hati dengan jahitan) - requested by Nuhin., Needle case and my mini hard-disk case.

Needle case

The inside