Tuesday, 28 June 2011


a few months ago, when i cried, he said :

" mama, why your tears go down....,? Are you sad ? " I said , yes dear..., he disappeared for a few minutes, then came to me with hansaplast..., me, quite surprised and I asked  him, what u want to do with that dear?  He said, I want to put in your eyes...so that, the tears won't come out again....I am touched.

And today, while sitting besides me,  holding and looking to my hand..he said again, mama, what's wrong with your hand? I said, it's nothing dear, it's just a scar...then, he disappeared again and after a few minutes, came to me with eraser....he said, come here mama, let me erase that, so there will be no more scar, and your hand will be nice , same like me... OMG, once again, I am touched ....

me n nuhin when he was 2.
Nuhin, I love you...thanks for being such a wonderful / precious 'pearl" in my life..Alhamdulillah..

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